Find The Power Within Yourself



I want to share that I had an amazing experience completing 10 hypnotherapy sessions with Ken Thompson,CHT. I was sure that I could never be hypnotized but learned that the hypnotist doesn’t hypnotize you, you do it to yourself. After each session a recording on CD of our sesson was provided and I have these personalized recordings that I now listen to every day that takes me back to the place of peace that I felt in the actual sessions. My life is much more manageable with a lot less worry and I notice that I am not bothered by much anymore and if I am, I now have tools to help myself.

I never write reviews, I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and Thompson Hypnotherapy to anyone who is stressed, anxious, or who has a strong desire to change the way they see something.

Marc Glaser

I was resistant in the beginning. I am now a believer. I have been working with Lisa for about 7 months now and have lost over 85lbs. Hypnotherapy has changed my life. Thank you Lisa. Give Thompson Hypnotherapy a call if there is an issue you are struggling to overcome.

Stacey Williams