Stress Reduction Program

Stress can be described as when we believe or feel we are under too much pressure and we don’t think or feel we are able to cope with it. In general, feelings of stress are common occurrences in our everyday lives. Our responses to those stressful events or situations often have a strong influence on our lives. Depending on how we view those responses in our minds, they can manifest in us in a positive or negative manner as emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

The fact is we actually do not have control over many of the events and situations that we find stressful in our daily lives. However, what we do have control over are our responses to those events. It is important to remember that each of us handles our responses in our own individual way. For example, something that is stressful for one person may be not be stressful at all for another. Sky diving might be one person’s idea of fun and enjoyment but incredibly stressful for another person.

When there are multiple stressful events or situations at work at the same time, the stress tends to build up and accumulate leading to development of ongoing or chronic stress. Such stressful situations might touch many different areas of our lives. To name a few of the common stressors, there are such issues as work-related stress, family or personal issues or financial worries- and the list goes on. No matter what is stressful in our lives, feeling this stress for long periods of time takes it toll on both our physical and mental health.

Whatever the cause of stress in your life, you can change how you react or respond to it. You can eliminate or change old habits and behaviors that are creating negative outcomes and develop new habits and behaviors that provide positive outcomes for your mind and your body.

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