Find The Power Within Yourself


Do you want to improve your life?

When you look at a mountain, have you ever considered there is a very small part of the mountain that is actually at the top or peak? Most of the mountain is below the summit. It is often the same in life. Only a few people are at the top of their game or on top of their mountain. The important question for you to ask yourself is where are you, or more importantly, where do you want to be? Are you happy with where you are in your personal life, your family life, your professional life? Are there areas, habits or behaviors in your life you want to improve or to change? Are there areas that are continuing to hold you back, keeping you from reaching personal goals, professional goals, from a promotion you want, from losing that excess weight you have somehow gained? If you are tired of just “settling for” where you are and want more out of your life, we can help.

Hypnotherapy is one of the only process that allows us to PERMANENTLY change habits and behaviors.

Are you ready for permanent change?

Lose Weight

Discouraged by losing weight only to see you gain it back, let us show you how to lose it and keep it off.

Reduce Stress

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and helpless- learn how you can take back control of your daily life.

Overcome Anxiety

Learn how to prepare for future events without the negative emotions caused by worry and anxiety.

Change Habits

Don’t like some of the habits or behaviors you’ve learned? Learn to change or remove them.

Why Choose Thompson Hypnotherapy?

We believe every one of you deserve the chance to live your dreams and not have to live your lives burdened by your past or paralyzed with fear, doubt or anxiety about your future. Our focus is on those of you who really want to make the necessary changes. Using our sessions to educate, guide and empower you, we show you how to find the incredible natural power that has been inside of your mind all along and then show you how to use that power to break the chains holding you back. This may include your changing or removing negative habits and behaviors as well as forming new, positive ones. At the end of the day, we believe in helping you live your best life every day!